Welcome at Savaria Lounge!


At way2events we are proud to present one of our two home bases.


Please take some time to discover our concept office. After thinking this through and doing this one again, we found the perfect blend of every aspect we need as a work space.


More information about the concept.


It's really hard to explain our setup, the best way is to come and discover it for yourself! Although we tried to describe what you can expect in the link below.


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If you have any more questions, please contact us right away.


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Welcome at Savaria Lounge!


Savaria Lounge is a unique event location in Zaventem, where business can meet pleasure. 


Saint-Martin, Zaventems patron saint, was born in Savaria, the oldest city of Hungary. This region was known for its fertile ground. The ancient ground on which our flexible event space is build, was former property of Zaventems church community. Since both Savaria and Zaventem are very fertile, we thought it would be the perfect spot for expansian! 


Our open office is available for anything you have in mind: from serious business meetings to after work gin tasting. Receptions, stocksales, theater try outs, dinners, baby showers, photoshops; you name it!


When you walk in, you'll encounter a bedroom at the entrance. This may seem a bit odd, but at Savaria Lounge, we think ahead. We created for you a safe haven to stay after your guests have left. Also, it is the perfect mini hotel to stay, if you need to catch an early flight. Zaventem Airport is only 5 minutes away.  


Almost the entire is floor is open, but can easily be divided into rooms for small-scale parties. Savaria Lounge is slick and modern, yet homey. Come and see for yourself if you'll fall in love the way we did.





Are you looking for a venue to gather close to Brussels, where parking won't be a hassle? You have come to the right place!


We offer you an entire floor for more amazement during your bigger events, but you can also use just one part for more intimacy. The space can easily be divided into smaller rooms.


At this unique location you will find 2 meeting rooms, a restaurant area, a kitchen, one open office with 4 desks, 2 private office rooms, a bedroom, a toilet and a shower.


All of our office rooms have big windows, who will shine a brighter light on your day. This will surely boost the imagination and concentration of your co-workers. 


The capacity of Savaria Lounge is 100 people standing and 50 people seating.


Come and discover our flexible Savaria Lounge!






Savaria Lounge

Horizon Park

Leuvensesteenweg 510

1930 Zaventem


Tel. +32.2.342.15.50

E-mail : info@savarialounge.be